Friday, 13 November 2015

I Have Moved...

Hey Beautiful People,

How lovely for me to stop by my old stomping ground to see so many of you still visiting me here. I was laying in bed the other night when suddenly I remembered that I haven't told any of you where I have disappeared to. I'm so sorry!

Basically, I decided to be a big brave girl, commit to blogging (because I still adore it!) and buy my blog name. I am officially over at these days and I absolutely love it. Obviously in the grand scheme of things, I am pretty new to the blogosphere and still have a lot to learn. And i'll be honest, I will always have a lot to learn about goodbyes. Which I suppose is the reason why I didn't say goodbye to this blog address. For the life of me I can't shut it down. It would be like ripping up a diary. While I was writing here, I learned a lot and I'll be honest, I actually went through a lot while I was spending time here. I have to say... some big changes happened in my life which was the push that I needed to start out fresh on I've been doing some healing and soul searching and that is where I have been doing it.

I guess I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am not gone. Blogging is one of the best things that I have ever pushed myself to do. I'm still not that keen on the goodbye thing but i'm all about see you soon's... I hope you will come and see me at my new home? Please bring a brew and some cake... I like carrot cake but I'm not THAT fussy...It would just be nice for you to stop by...............

I love you
x Ria x

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

6th Birthday Eve

Dear Noah,

How am I the mother of a very nearly six year old boy? When I first held you in my arms and looked down on your perfect little face for the first time, six years ago, this moment felt so very far away. I felt like the parents of six year old children were refined, not very much like me at all. The parents of six year old children enjoyed a glass of red in the evenings and they knew which cheeses they liked most. Parents of six year old children are so very mature, well travelled and can probably speak a few languages by this point in their parenting journey.

Well my Darling, that is not who you have as a mummy. This mummy enjoys splitting a smoothie with you while we appreciate a good babybel together and seeing what we can make out of the wax. We've holidayed...sure but we aren't what you would call well-travelled...not yet my boy! We adventure though, we explore... and nothing beats watching you lead the way with a trusty stick. 

We are simple. And watching you enjoy and appreciate the little things that life can offer you if you just take notice is one of the things that I have enjoyed most about you in this past year. You are learning what compassion really means and as much as you push boundaries (which by the way, you absolutely should be!) you have a good moral compass. You are a good person. Smart, kind-hearted and forever my little ray of sunshine.

Everybody loves you.

You are interested in the world. Interested in life and I hope that as you grow, older and forever have this zest for life and willing to live life with abundance. You have spirit and charisma and I like it that you have something to say for yourself.

You question me, challenge me and you teach me. You teach me about life through your eyes. I am very grateful to you for that. For you. For your time.

You are beautiful. So very beautiful.

This year, you have achieved such wonderful things. You won your very first medal in gymnastics. You earned it. You are flying at school and show up every day with energy and a smile for all.

You are happy.

You make me unbelievably happy.

You remind me how blessed I am every day when you kiss me on the forehead and say 'Good Morning Mama...I Love You'... Oh, sweetheart, I love you too, every single second of every single day until forever and just so much more than you will ever know.

I can't believe that I have already been lucky enough to love you with all of my heart for six years and just so much longer. Before I met you, you had my heart... and that love grows every day... it gets bigger and bigger. Some days I feel like I could burst!

I hope you have the happiest birthday son. I hope you it is as special to you as you are to me. May your dreams come true and you spend the day surrounded by the ones who love you the most.

The world is always brighter and better to me because you are in it and I can't wait to see what ' The Year That You Are Six' will bring.

Too Much Love, Mummy x

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I have been staring quite blankly at my screen for a fair while now... wondering how to fill it.

I hope everybody visits here to find happiness. For those of you who do- I beg you allow me a day?

A day to feel a little miserable.

I am having a truly awful week and I can't give you the happiness that I don't have in my rather fragile heart.

I'm not going to divulge why I feel this way... I'm not ready to. I hope that is okay with you?

So sorry to be vague- how very annoying of me.

I'm not attention seeking, I promise.

I just simply want to write. So here I am. My therapy. 

This week, I have felt heartbreak at its worst. Sadness. Anger. Disappointment. Pain. Hurt.

I have cried a lot. Floods... I've cried floods of tears. Cried until I can no longer breathe actually and until it truly hurts my body.

I've curled myself in to a ball. Numb in the dark. Empty. So very still.

I have wiped my tears and buried my head in my hands and I can't lie, occasionally I have even pinched myself to check it's not all a nightmare.

One of those nightmares that you can remember for a few days, the ones that felt so real but thankfully they weren't. 

This is real.

On Monday, on our way back home from the school run... we got rained on. Soaked. I felt like the sky was crying with me. I had another little sob to myself then. It's not like anyone would notice, I already looked rather dishevelled after all. If the sky was even feeling pity for me... well... misery loves company, isn't that what they say?

Today, Ellenah cracked the screen on my iphone. It was shit! She dropped it face down and gasped, both of us too scared to look... it wasn't so bad... I didn't mind really. It was an accident. It was just the cherry on top of a mud pie which is actually dog poo. 

In case my slightly altered metaphor passed you by. Things feel awful right now. 

But... Somehow, I'm carrying on, wading through the poo pies, relying on my smile heavily to get to the next day.

Knowing that time is a healer. It has to be.

As always, clinging on to the little things that make me smile. That make me feel remotely happy even for a few seconds. Like a 'squeeze you 'til your head pops off' hug from Ellenah.

Reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. Reminding myself that I am strong and I will be okay. 

I will be. 

I just needed this day to not be. And it wasn't.

With Love, Ria x x x


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Brave For BritMums Live 2015

It took me a very long time to truly pluck up the courage to book my BritMums ticket. My family and friends were encouraging and spent time explaining why I should go. I have wanted to go so desperately since last year. Being an outsider to the blogging festivities which so many bloggers gained so much from, wasn't fun. Be it knowledge, friendships, laughter... gin... I was not a part of any of it. I was too scared to even consider it really.

I was anxious about meeting the people who inspire me, inspired me even... to become a blogger. What if these people, who write so beautifully and capture me every single time, didn't like me? What if I caught the wrong train? What if fell over and looked stupid? What if I was asked a question that I didn't know the answer to? What if, what if, what if, blah, blah, blah?!!

Thankfully, I got bored of what if? and so did my big sisters who have to work with me every day in our family business. I talked about the possibilities a lot. The possibilities of actually being brave and throwing caution to the wind. The possibilities of 'what's the worst that could happen?' enabling me to pack a few things in to a bag, shove on some lipstick, a smile and 'fake it til' I make it' because everything will more than likely be okay, better than okay... this could be great.

So, one day at work, while letting a nice warm brew calm my nerves... my bony and incredibly shaky fingers booked that freakin' ticket. Okay, i'll admit, my big sister made me. I fed her excuse after excuse not to go and she deflected every single one. I worried about childcare and she calmly declared that it was all in hand and 'you are going!'... and so I am... this year.... 2015... I am going to BritMums Live!

Am I still nervous? Heck yeah!

But, that's okay I think. I'm sure everyone will be or was once. And we're all just people, right?

I'm a good egg. A kind person to chat with. This really is going to be great.

The I'm Going To BritMums Live 2015 Meme

Name: Ria Langner

Blog : Maria Noell (a lifestyle & parenting blog)

Twitter I.D : @MariaNoell217

Height : 5'5"

Hair : dirty blonde and kind of mousy

Eyes : Brownish-green

Is This Your First Blogging Conference?
Yep! I'm a complete newbie and aside from the nerves, I'm super excited.

Are You Attending Both Days?
Definitely! I didn't spend this long preparing myself for my massive leap of faith to go home early or arrive late.

What Are You Most Looking Forward To At BritMums Live 2015?
I am really looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of people from the blogging community, people who inspire me massively and of course, learning as much as I can.

What Are You Wearing?
If you have any spare time, would you watch my video and help me choose? I'm a libra, awful at deciding on anything and massively scatty, I need advice!

What Do You Hope To Gain From BritMums Live 2015?
I hope to gain knowledge, friendships, laughter...and gin :-)

Do You Have Any Tips To Pass On To Others Who May Not Have Been Before?
Ahem... 'Don't be alone... come and find me! I love a hug and talking and I don't want to hear that you have eaten lunch in the toilet by yourself...' 

p.s. I pretty much just started singing ' You've got a friend in me' from Toy Story but I promise... I won't do that if you do come and say hi... that would be odd, hehe :-)

I can't wait to meet you all and be a part of BritMums Live this year.
With Love
x Ria x

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I’m going to BritMums Live

Capturing those Baby Firsts...

Hi Loves! When I first found out about the #BabyFirsts campaign through Channel Mum and Pampers UK... it really got me thinking back to all of the wonderful moments that I have shared with my two beautiful children. The moments when they achieved things for the very first time. 

How I felt.

How they felt.

Their milestones are precious to me. Those feelings of watching a 'first' unfold before my eyes, fumbling for a camera before the moment passes and wishing that the seconds could slow down... aware that these first moments will NEVER happen again!

It's bittersweet!

This is exactly why I take so many photographs, write down all of my thoughts whenever the kids do something new and achieve anything and lately, why I vlog!

Remembering these times make me smile from the bottom of my heart. I feel a happiness that I can't explain. I feel like as a Mum, I'm doing okay and as little people growing up in this big, wide are they.

They are doing much more than okay in my eyes. I'm proud of them both to the extent that no amount of words could do it justice. Nothing comes close to describing how I feel about our memories and how desperately I want to preserve them. 

This video is absolutely the most special one that I have made so far. Please watch it, appreciate it and help me protect it. It matters to my heart.

I was brave in sharing it... I wasn't going to!

I was shaking when I hit publish. Really shaking.

BUT... I want you to be able to collect your baby firsts and treasure... like I have and now is your chance. A £200 video camera would get you started, right?

To find out more, watch my video above or HERE, the video below or head to Channel Mum over on twitter HERE! Good Luck Loves xxx

With Love
x Ria x

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Special Moments

Some people don't quite understand why I pick up a camera, point it at myself and start talking. Sometimes, even I think that I must look a little mad... but... as time goes on... I care much less!

It is easier to accept the strange looks of passers by and occasionally feeling a little awkward, when I get to look back on my memories. I am able to laugh along with what I can see unfold over again, in front of my eyes. I'm able to smile, love...remember the special moments like they happened yesterday.

Last week, I didn't manage to capture every day BUT... I did manage to document getting engaged to a morris dancer, a snippet of wedding dress shopping with my childhood friend and having some 'laugh out loud' fun with my beautiful daughter who is growing just so very fast now. 

Blink and you miss your days in the tedious routines of every day life. How often do we say out loud or even to ourselves that ' life got in the way'? 

I want to look back on my days and feel like I was a part of it. I noticed that even if I didn't lead an extravagant life... it didn't matter because the small moments were more important and had more impact on my happiness and effectively the happiness of those around me, those I care about... those I love with all of my heart.

With Love
x Ria x

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hen Day At Sheldon Spa

Nobody has just a 'Hen Night' anymore, right? 

So when I was in full Hen Planning Mode for my bestie, I knew that I wanted it to be a two-day kind of shindig. As previously mentioned, my friend Katie is not a party girl. She LOVES to dance but falling out of clubs is not her bag. 

After deciding on her 'Bridal Shower'... I wanted the event for the next day to compliment the relaxed atmosphere from the day before and I wanted 'The Bride-To-Be' to come away from her Hen Weekend feeling like a million bucks and ready to tie the knot.

I think that I always had a spa in mind. It just felt like it would offer everything that I wanted for my friend and also (and quite selfishly) for a super busy mama like myself. A spa just seemed like the perfect treat for a lovely group of women to escape their to-do lists and duck out of normality for a few hours for some well deserved relaxation and pampering. 

I can't believe that I have been living so close to such a wonderful little secret in the shape of Sheldon Spa (Located Lees Court Road, Faversham, Kent)

When we arrived on Sunday 31st May 2015 at around 9.45am, we drove in to what felt like someone's driveway. We thought that we had the wrong address at first but as we edged closer we realised that we were exactly where we were meant to be. It looked idyllic and it didn't feel like we were anywhere near our local town...AT ALL! It was so pretty and serene. 

From the moment that we stepped through the door, confused and a little ditzy- nothing felt like too much trouble and all of us girls felt immediately at ease...and ever so comfortable. 

We were taken through health and safety straight away but nothing about it felt too harsh. I'll be honest, it was thorough... but, nothing about it felt like anything more than being shown around your girlfriend's house and having a bit of a chat about beauty and general girl talk. The therapists were professional but human. They felt like old friends.

Inside, it was absolutely stunning. The attention to detail was on point and for somewhere that looked so modest from the outside, it was incredibly spacious.

I LOVE this decor. It is so fresh looking and subtle but so very sweet. A perfect, girly haven. Although, next time I come back, I want to come with Matt and I know that he would appreciate how gorgeous it looks too.

Considering that we were at the spa for five hours in total, I didn't pick up one magazine but I loved knowing that they were there. Before I left home that morning, I shoved a book in my bag but next time, I'll leave it at home... I wouldn't need it.

There were so many places to sit and relax and I'm sure that I lost a fair while gazing out of the windows at the beautiful garden.

 I'm not going to lie... Before we left the spa, I made sure that I used each and every one of these products on my face and body. I love Clarins products and it was such a nice touch that they were complimentary. I love lotions and potions but I have quite sensitive skin, it was nice to see them use a reputable and trustworthy brand which I love. Huge thumbs up!

Do you see what I mean about attention to detail? These personal touches make such a difference and really set them apart from other Spa's. 

Sometimes in life, you have to make time to shut yourself out of the matrix for a few hours because when you do, you can really achieve so much. 

You can spend real time with the people who raise you up, support you and who make you the person that you are. These people are invaluable to your happiness.

You can use this time to write. Letters and notes of encouragement to the people who may need it, will appreciate it and will love to re-visit monumental moments in their lives when your written words exploded from your heart on to paper. 

You can spend this time dreaming, deciding, believing, planning... Just being! 
These moments are even better with fizz...

And even better when you get to drink fizz with friends and your loved ones.

You can smile.

And not for anybody but yourself.

Simply because you can and it is absolutely okay to.

You can be kind to yourself, your soul and your body.

You can appreciate the fleeting moments of solidarity to remind yourself that you, just one person in this big, wide world...are pretty amazing.

We had all that we needed to relax and let go...

And plenty to do while we awaited our treatments. I had a Weleda facial and I still struggle to find the words to describe how amazing that was. I'll be honest and say that during the treatment, I hardly felt like I was in my body and that is for real. It was such an incredible experience. My skin felt great and for a week after, I didn't put a scrap of make-up on my face. I felt completely zen and just so happy and comfortable in my skin.

All of the ladies were impressed with their treatments. From pedicures, to back, neck and shoulder massages- we all felt so relaxed and at ease. One of the bridesmaids couldn't stop smelling her skin from the massage oil and there were a lot of sad faces when it was time to leave.

Saying that, we didn't leave before indulging in a delicious cream tea to finish off such a wonderful day.

And delicious it truly was.

I honestly can't say a bad word about Sheldon Spa and I'm just kicking myself that I didn't find it sooner. As a woman, it is important to feel comfortable in our surroundings and able to embrace our different body shapes and sizes. At Sheldon Spa, it felt a lot like home...seriously, I wish I lived there! There was such a fabulous atmosphere and I couldn't recommend that you visit there enough. 

You really will come away feeling amazing about yourself and like you are seriously winning at life. I can not wait to go back, with the ladies again and hopefully before then (and sometime soon!) with Matt, the man of my dreams.

With Love
x Ria x