Saturday, 23 May 2015

Half Term Bucket List

It is officially the beginning of half term with my little Cherubs- yay! This half term honestly couldn't come around quick enough to be honest and I am so excited that it is finally here.

I will have to go to work throughout the week but I really want to make the most of the time that I do have with my two special people. So, I thought I would comprise a half term bucket list and see how much I can achieve.

1. Plant some vegetables in the garden.

At the end of our garden, over the bridge and the brooke, there is a lot of unused, overgrown and wasted space. It is a real sun trap down there and for weeks, Noah has been asking to plant some flowers and vegetables for a couple of weeks now, so this half term I am going to make it happen. Considering a little bit of gardening would greatly compliment what he has been learning about at school, it is also fun to start with a seed and watch it grow. It will be good for both of the children  and it will give them both a sense of achievement, especially when we can harvest some vegetables for our evening meals in the coming months.

2. Learn To Ride A Bike

This is not for me... I learned how to ride a bike about twenty- something years ago. Noah however, did not quite get the hang of it last Summer and he just wasn't ready. For a boy who is pretty fearless, he is kind of terrified of falling off and he has built it up to be far worse than it is. He is six in July though, so I think that we need to try again... This half term. And if we try little by little, I 'm hoping by the end of Summer he would have nailed it.

3. Picnics And The Park

This one is weather permitting and judging by the gloomy sky outside today, it may be unlikely but... I really want to go for a picnic. I want to choose somewhere fun to go so that we can spend a bit of time playing games and exploring somewhere new. With the promise of some delicious treats awaiting us when we feel ravenous from all of the fun. I want to plan it if I can so that we can take some good, nutritious foods with us to go with the goodies that a picnic should never be without.

4. Delicious Smoothies & Healthy Baking

I want to get my munchkins involved in the kitchen this half term. I am yet to find a healthy, energising smoothie that Ellenah is in love with and I want them to make sweet potato brownies with me. Food education is a big deal in our home, especially as my two have such a sweet tooth. When I can, I try and make it fun and informative so that they carry the right lessons through life with them. 

5. Science Experimenting.

Noah has had a book of science experiments that has pretty much gone untouched since his birthday last July... We are going to start working our way through the book. Noah is a big bookworm and a superstar pupil but the one thing that his teachers have said is that he struggles with practical experiments in which he has to take directions from written text and apply them to the practical work. So not only will it be fun and something that I want to be involved in but it will help him going forward. Ellenah will very much enjoy this, more so than Noah I can imagine. I can see the excitement on her face now, when we get round to making a volcano. I can't wait.

6. Take Beautiful Photographs Of My Beauties.

I am excited for this one. A couple of weeks ago, I upgraded my camera from an AA battery run digital camera which had been dropped too many times and was pretty battered, to the point that it would no longer turn on. I opted for the Canon EOS 700D (Matt said that it was a good one!) and now that I have figured out how to turn the thing on and how to navigate around it a little bit more... I am very interested in learning more about photography and improving upon the skill.

I haven't always been that happy with the photography on my blog so I am excited to see what I can do. I feel like I am growing wings and I really want to fly with it.

My two children are the perfect focal points of my photographs. Not only are they absolutely beautiful and I just happen to love them more than life itself but we have recently shimmied around their sleeping arrangements (You can read more about that HERE). So now, I have a bedroom and a playroom that I want to smother in photographs of their beautiful faces and our happy lives.

My list isn't long and full of weird and wonderful things to achieve but I'm all about the small things mattering most. I don't want to set myself up to fail because the reality of it is, I am a working Mum. I would love to fill up my days with activities and days out but that is not my life. Sometimes it sucks but considering we only get one life, I'm not going to waste feeling envious of someone else's when I'm pretty confident that we are all perfectly happy in this one.

What are you lovely people up to this half term?
Lots of Love
x Maria x

Did You Catch My Last Post? A Little ' Life Lately' Ramble

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Friday, 22 May 2015

A Little 'Life Lately' Ramble

Ahhhhh *big, content, blissfull sigh*... Life lately has been kind of lovely for me and for mine. The sunshine has been popping up every now and again and that makes not only me, but everybody find a smile within them. The sunshine makes me feel better about EVERYTHING!


The After school impromptu park trip

It feels nice to be able to collect Noah and Ellenah from school and pre-school and to be able to whisk them off to the park for an hour before the duties of dinner time are upon me. This spontaneous endeavour is helpful in burning off any energy that they didn't quite use at school. The type of energy that can get them sent to the naughty step on occasion or the type of energy which causes them both to bicker relentlessly. The type of energy that we are still trying to balance out from many an indoor day from the Winter just past.

I make no secret of the fact that I don't particularly have much love for parks and playgrounds. I fear them. I see danger everywhere I look. BUT, I have no interest in passing on my phobias to my little people. I want them to enjoy the park, much like I did as a young girl. And they really do.

They run.

They climb.

They imagine.

They create.

As much as I am scared of either of them hurting themselves and once I get past myself, I enjoy watching all of the above. The smiles and laughter on their faces most of all.

Tickles & Laughter

On this day, It was wonderful that the children felt so warm and calm on our walk home from the park, that in an attempt to cool down, they flashed their little bellies BUT ended up tickling each other the whole way home. The sunshine and some free time to spend does wonders for the spirits of my two precious, little munchkins.

Bunk Beds

We have lived in our house for three years now and up to this point, Noah and Els had their own bedrooms. Lately, that just hasn't been working out so well for us. Ellenah's bedroom is a fair amount smaller than Mr. Noah's, yet she has much bigger and probably a lot more toys than he does. Els is a hoarder, although she genuinely plays with everything still. 

We found that their were toys constantly trickling down our stairs and we always had little clusters of 'toys to come back to' around our home. Matt and I couldn't quite relax in the evenings because we couldn't seem to keep on top of it. So, we made a decision last Sunday to figure it out once and for all. While they are still small, we thought it would be best to pop them in the same bedroom and into bunk beds and have the slightly bigger room bulked out with both of their toys. This would be a fun, go crazy playroom for them to enjoy together.

As much as both rooms need a bit of tlc to make them more of a neutral space for both children to enjoy (their bedroom is currently kitted out up to the eyeballs in 'Hello Kitty')... It is working really well. They are sleeping brilliantly and it makes our bedtime routine much more efficient and relaxed.

Definitely a good idea!

I'm enjoying the squeezy hugs that I get at bedtime from my little sweetheart because she is still so excited, I know that much.

Els likes to pretend that she is in a spaceship/castle/boat/bus... and that is so cool.

Noah likes to listen to me talk about how I used to share bunk beds with his Auntie Gems when we were younger. She would sing me songs - Feed The Birds from Mary Poppins and The Jem & The Holograms Theme Song and we would act out the whole of The Cabbage Patch Dolls Soundtrack (Parts One, Two & Three- but our favourite was the 'old gold mine' scene)... We had the best time in our bunk beds and I only hope that Noah and Els will have as much fun as they grow up together- as the best friends I desperately wish for them to be.

Noah Wants To Read Alone

All of this talk about bunk beds leads straight on to my next bit of 'news'. This is the news that hurts my heart if I'm being real with you. Ever since Noah has claimed his space on the top bunk, at bedtime he shimmies up the ladder , cosies in his covers and chills out with his nose stuck in a book. I practically have to beg him to let me read to him these days. He prefers to read in his head and only pokes his head down if on the rare occasion he gets stuck on a word.

I wanted this.

I wanted him to love books like I do.

I didn't want him to stop needing my voice though. How could a mother ever be ready for that? The voice that would commit to stupid voices for different characters. The voice that reminds him that I am here. The voice that reassures him that he can close his eyes and drift of in to the land of nod quite happily each night,  because I will keep him safe. 

Don't get me wrong, I am very proud that he is such a mature reader... VERY proud. I shrieked when I read his school report earlier today. It turns out, he is just as hardworking and brilliant when he is there.


It's just one more thing that I am holding on to by a thread isn't it. I am constantly reminded that I can't beat the clock and he is growing up so quickly. He still humours me and lets me read to him each day but I can feel the desperation to do it himself. He reads over my shoulder and I hear him whisper the words with me as I read out loud. Silly accents and all.

This is going to sound a bit awful but sometimes I try and trick him by asking questions about the books we have each read. To see if he has understood and paid attention. In case he may 'need me' to explain anything, re-read it...ANYTHING!

I haven't caught him out yet.

Two nights ago, he asked if he could read Ellenah her bedtime story. She wanted him to. They picked out a book together. They were on the cusp of making the same special memories that my big sister and I share... but I couldn't do it. 

I would feel like an outsider.

Like my my time of reading bedtime stories was over.

Like I would never read The Hungry Caterpillar or Guess How Much I Love You In The Spring ever again.

I should have let him.

Next time, I will.

How have your lives been lately? Any parenting woes? Big changes? Or are you all about the sunshine and smiles?

Lots of Love
x Maria x

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Being Mama - My Ups & Downs

Do you ever lay in bed at night and reflect upon your day? Like for example, today I will be thinking about how much I enjoyed my time at the park with Els today, I devoured some British strawberries which tasted divine, I watched Matt and Noah doing his homework together and it warmed my heart to its core... and now, I am writing this post while munching a delicious mix of olives, cheddar cheese and roast tomatoes and I'm feeling relaxed and content- has had its ups, which have been pretty great.

However, just because I can look back over my day and feel good about it, it doesn't mean that I don't remember shoving my mascara wand in my eye just as I was meant to be leaving for the school run- girls, you feel my pain right? It doesn't mean that I don't remember burning my tongue on the coffee that I was a little too eager to drink and it doesn't mean that I don't remember standing on the tiny, white, freakin' sharp piece of lego which was simply waiting for me on the bottom step as I came down to prepare breakfast this morning (shit...that really f**king hurt!)

That's life right... With the good comes the bad... highs and lows... ups and downs. 

I feel a bit like that about motherhood and parenting.

Being a mum has been my biggest gift ever. I love it. I am amazingly blessed and in NO WAY am I complaining about my beautiful children. I couldn't... would never! I'm a great believer in motherhood being a privilege and not a right and I start each day with that motto in mind, hoping that by the time my little cherubs go to sleep each night, i've done it justice. 

After all, they give me love each and every single day...even when some days I don't feel like I deserve it because all I seem to have done is make them sad by constantly saying NO and being the reason that their beautiful, big eyes fill up with tears and their lips start to quiver. 

...Obviously, they smile too. Big smiles, where you can see all of their teeth and their beautiful souls.

Sometimes, these feelings weigh on me, I doubt myself, second guess myself and feel selfish for occasionally needing a break to refresh myself and occasionally wishing that I could spontaneously run off for a day or two for a bit of sunshine and a couple of cheeky cocktails just because I can (because in reality, I really CAN'T!)

Just a quick note, these thoughts are very rare and fleeting... nothing makes me happier than my family and I am fully aware of how lucky I am.

I don't know when to choose my battles, so I tend to go the whole hog and choose them all. Doing what I think is best for my little people and hoping that my best is good enough.Hoping that they are as happy as I am even after days of mayhem. I always hope that they nod off each night having forgotten the little tiffs we may have had throughout the day and they are dreaming of all of the wonderful, happy and perfect moments in each day. Like I do.

They must do. Because each morning they wake up and they still love me, unconditionally... Beautiful really, isn't it?

I wish I was a perfect mother and there was a manual. It would be nice to have all of the answers and to have everything sussed out BUT much like the mascara straight in the eyeball proves... The crap bits, hard bits, painful bits and the worrying parts are okay. Normal actually.

It could be that they enable us to appreciate the wonderful, happy and perfect moments more, as people say. 

AND it could be that without those naff bits, how would we continue to learn and to grow? 

Either way... wether we are growing, learning, appreciating... sometimes it is nice to say the things out loud that could be on your mind and making you feel lesser. Sometimes it's nice to say things out loud to remind you of all of the brilliant bits, the parts of each day and the parts in your life that you live and breathe for. It's nice to hear back, the words that come out of your mouth when talking about the little people that you love more than life itself. Sometimes it is nice to watch back, the look on your face when describing what your life looks like right now, how proud you are, how much love you have and how much even your 'complaints' are from the best place in your heart. A heart that is entirely centred around your children and the success of your family unit.

So, that's what I did. This week on my YouTube Channel... I spoke out about 'My Ups & Downs Of Being A Mama'. I would be ever so grateful if you took a look and let me know what your ups and downs are. It's nice to know that I am not alone and I'm all about us as Mums and Parents, lifting each others spirits...because in turn, that will help us raise awesome people.

With Love & Smiles
x Maria x
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Thursday, 7 May 2015


Have you ever felt like you are living in a daydream?

That probably sounds a little bit strange. Let me explain...

Last week, Ellenah and I took a stroll to the shops. The weather was beautiful. The sun shone over our faces, warming our skin and our souls. We walked calmly and slowly, talking idly about life and and about our hopes and dreams. Ellenah wants to meet a mermaid, don't you know?

There was no wind other than a cool but welcome breeze and we were so content being outside. We were in no rush. Time was unimportant, irrelevant and we were enjoying each others company.

Ellenah spent much of the morning asking questions. Lots of questions.

'Mummy, what's your favourite colour?'
'Mummy, Why is the sky blue?'
'Mummy is the sky a boy?
'Mummy, are you happy today?'
'Mummy, why is that bird there?'
'Mummy, am I three?'
'Mummy, do you like pink because you are a girl?'
'Mummy, does Noah like blue because he is a boy?'

There really were MANY questions. questions which I enjoyed answering, fully! Ellenah needed some guidance around favourite colours and why boys and girls can like whichever colour they wish anyway. She seems to be finding that a bit tough to grasp. I have no idea why suddenly she thinks that girls can only like pink and boys can't play with dolls... that is definitely not the way Matt and I raise our children in the slightest. But that is for another post!

We walked around Sainsbury's and Ellenah helped me pick some fresh fruit and vegetables. When Ellenah is in the mood to be interactive with you and interested in learning about things, it can make for a very happy and fulfilled day. 

'Mummy, can Noah have a blue drink because he is a boy?'
'Mummy can Daddy use the blue straws because he is a boy?'
'Mummy can I have a pink jelly because I am a girl?'

Thirsty for knowledge and answers, Ellenah's questions became quicker and quicker and her voice started to get louder and louder.

'Mummy, do you like this candle because it is pink?'
'Mummy, Can Noah have a blue ball because he is a boy?'
'Mummy can you buy me this dress because I am a girl?'

We worked our way around the shop and finally came to pay. I loaded our shopping on to the till and waited patiently. Ellenah looked inquisitively at the cashier, up and down.

'Mummy, does that lady have long hair because she is a girl?'
'Mummy, you can't paint Noah's nails because he is a boy can you?'
'Mummy, Daddy doesn't want strawberries because they are not blue, are they?'

The cashier smiled at us, fondly. She observed Ellenah fire questions and statements around like confetti. She was on fire!
'She's so sweet!' The lady said with a beaming smile and turned her attention to Els, 'What's your name?' She asked.
'Ellenah-Paige and I'm three!' Els replied, looking all kinds of proud. I was proud for her. I could tell that she felt like such a big girl.
'That's a pretty name' The lady said, 'and you are such a big girl, aren't you?'
' Yes!' Elenah replied again. I could tell she was excited. She was holding her own in a conversation with a stranger and nobody was talking for her. Noah wasn't piping up to finish her sentences and she wasn't fighting to get her sentences out. At this point, her words escaped from her mouth in the form of a shout, to which she said 'MY MUMMY IS A GIRL TOO, SHE HAS A MINNIE-MOO, DON'T YOU MUMMY?'


All I could do was simply nod, blush, shrug, mumble something weird under my breath, partially shield my face with my hands to block out the giggles and stares from those around me and wish that the ground would open up and swallow me whole.

Oh how quickly a daydream can turn on you... #mumlife

Have you ever been stunned in public by something that your little cherubs have said? Loudly? What did you do?

With Blushes & Hugs
x Maria x

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Milkshakes & My Family

If you managed to read one of my previous posts '4th Is The New 1st' then you will know that on Sunday the 26th April, my little loves and I had something to celebrate.

So, at the request of our little Dude and complete star, we went to ASK Italian. I swear, our little fella is going to grow up as a bit of a foodie. Don't normal kids usually ask to hit McDonalds, excited about getting their cute little hands on the plastic tat that is a happy meal toy and munching down some chicken nuggets??

Not our little boy.

I'm definitely NOT going to be complaining about that. In fact, I was super impressed that he chose somewhere so sophisticated to revel in his achievements. He picked a great place.

It was so relaxed. Although this may have something to do with the fact that we were practically ready to pounce when the doors opened at lunchtime. Anyone would think that we were a little hungry. Anyway, we were the only family in there until half way through our starters had arrived.

I guess I just wanted to capture our little lunch because a) we wanted to capture ALL of Noah's special day and b) because we rarely have the chance to go out to eat together as a family. Our time together is actually so rare and I tend to pull us out for a walk or some kind of adventure before I would consider getting in to our Sunday bests and finding somewhere good to eat.

As I said, we were pretty hungry so over a beverage, we chose our meals. My tipple of choice was actually a raspberry still lemonade and it was delicious. So refreshing!... and, it pretty much matched my nail polish and that is kind of cute, right?

Matt opted for a boring old fat coke and Noah and Els hit the milkshakes like they had never seen them before.

It wasn't long before Noah was blowing bubbles in his. The little joys of being five years old huh?

When I said that we were hungry, I don't joke at all. We literally grabbed a crazy large garlic bread with mozzarella and the children had veggies and dip with garlic bread strips. I took no photo's because... psssht... who hasn't seen garlic bread you know? and we INHALED it. It was good, really good.

This is the best I've got...

For our mains, Noah and Ellenah enjoyed a pepperoni pizza from the Kids menu, while Matt and I had a more selective look.

I enjoyed mine soooooo much. This is not for you lovelies who don't particularly enjoy seafood- soz! I basically chose a seafood risotto which sounds a bit more appetising or somewhat alluring when you say it like 'Risotto Pescatore' which is a 'Rich, seafood risotto with king prawns, mussels, clams and squid in a spicy tomato and garlic sauce'... YES!

Matt searched the menu high and low for a previous love and felt quite disappointed to find that it had been taken off of the menu. As it turns out, he couldn't see for looking and I spotted it in quite discreet little box on the menu. This is what he chose...

I can guarantee that you all find this one more appetising than mine, don't you?

If ever you find yourself at an Ask Italian, Matt ordered the sourdough pizza ' Rump Steak Tagliata- 
Sliced pan-fried rump steak (medium rare), sautéed mixed mushrooms, rocket dressed with balsamic, salsa verde, fresh chopped chilli and rosemary'. He said it was so good, it hurt- whatever that is meant to mean...strange guy, ha!

Okay so we went the whole hog and ordered in dessert and coffees. What can I say, it was a day worth giving our special, undivided attention and time to.

Matt and I were pretty full...and when I say full, I mean stuffed to the point that we were ready to burst. Just as we were about to throw in the towel on eating for the rest of the month, try and nap on the table while the kiddies enjoyed their scoops of ice-cream and spend some time making a real effort to breathe... Matt saw this pudding on the specials board. Damn the specials board, that's what I say. Almost two weeks on, I'm still full up from that meal I'm sure.

This ' Cioccolato Supremo' consisted of crunchy italian torcetti biscuits soaked in a shot of hot chocolate, topped with a scoop of vanilla gelato and finished with rich chocolate ganache and grated dark chocolate' was simply incredible. It was so easy to share... while we all talked and laughed and enjoyed such a smashing time together. It was worth almost exploding for and it absolutely made me wish that I was one of those people who order dessert first because it is the best bit.

I have to say, the children didn't seem to have many problems squeezing in a scoop of ice-cream. I don't know how they do it,

We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch date. Just being all together and able to commit to the moment before it passed us by.

With Lemonade & Love
x Maria x

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Breathing In Bluebells...

I can't imagine a world without countryside and woods and a good stroll through it while taking in the sights and smells with your family.

Having the opportunity to experience a good hike, game of man hunt and wading through mounds of mud in my wellies as I was growing up has really shaped me as a person.

I appreciate things differently.

As a grown up (ha!), I cling on to my memories of our Sunday walks in the woods. They were happy times. Now, I try my best to give that chance to Noah and Ellenah when I can. 

Some days they may feel like i'm dragging them their against their will but I know that deep down, as soon as their little feet hit the hills and they find themselves a stick to walk around with, they will smile. 

It will be an honest smile. From the heart.

I will watch them as the breeze brushes over their soft, fresh faces and glides through their hair. 

They will ask questions about what trees are what and they will turn their noses up and sniff at the flower scented air. 


Sometimes, Els may wear a flower behind her ear.

Noah will insist that he knows the way.

Much like I used to, although my big brother actually did. Like the back of his hand.

They will want to climb trees and imagine sitting at the top, almost a part of the white, happy clouds above them.

They sometimes manage to climb up on the first branch. Over time, that will change. They will climb up and spend some time in the sky. There will come a time when they spend too much time looking down as fear washes over them. They will get stuck.

Is this where I learned to un-stick myself when I was afraid? Nobody was going to get me down from that tree but me. And so I did...and so will they!

This weekend, while Matt was playing in a charity football match, my brother, Sophie (the dog) and I went to the woods- just like we would as kids.

Noah and Ellenah came too. They went in feeling uninspired and lacking energy and they came out (exhausted, but) refreshed, happy and with their imaginations creating stories about dinosaurs and aliens. They had dirt encrusted in the palms of their hands, scuffed and filthy clothes but their cheeks were wonderfully rosy. Noah had a hole in the knee of his chinos and a bit of twig in his pocket and Els felt elated that she had a wild wee behind a tree in the woods.

We walked and talked. 

We admired how beautiful it looked in Spring. We inhaled the breathtaking scent of bluebells and balanced like children and actual children, on a fallen tree.

We explored and found man-made camps and slides. A refreshing sign that the youth of today can't be completely lost in technology. There was a glimmer of hope.

The children walked off in front to find rabbit holes and to simply look around.

Sometimes they came back just to hold my hand for a while...and to be with me.

I didn't yell, they didn't fight, there were no real boundaries to push. We all felt free. 

We were free.

Being lost in the woods for a couple of hours was truly the best way to spend some of our weekend. 

Together and enveloped in happiness.

Hippie Hugs & Love
x Maria x

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Friday, 1 May 2015

Threenager Hell

How the bloody hell did I survive today still smiling is what I have just asked myself as I fell in to a heap at my desk?!

My Girl... What can I say?

She is honestly incredible. 

She is full of it.

Smiles, joy, character, strength, confidence, ideas, spirit, kindness, love. The list is truly endless.

And today she mainly spent her time, being the exact opposite of the wonderful person that I have described.

I know about this three-nager nonsense and i'll be honest, it's a bit unfair. I survived the terrible twos. We reached the end and pretty unscathed too...Somehow, because parts of it were... agh, i'm trying to find a more articulate way of saying 'pretty awful!'- I know, that's bad.

It's bad because Ellenah is really and truly not awful. She just had her moments which, is kind of a right when you are two. It's like a prerogative at two, to be a bit mean, scream sometimes, cry and generally push each and every boundary that you as a parent have ever set.

But at three....come on... Really???????

Today I encountered no end of fresh hell. There was screaming, fake tears, a weird fake cry, throwing things, trying to rip up her Dad's birthday cards, slamming doors, refusal to eat anything that is available, refusal to drink from a certain cup, a glare that would turn you to stone if you so much as looked at her, breathed in her direction, generally existed...or, like Noah, if you tried to collect her coat from her peg at pre-school for her- all kinds of crazy broke loose as she launched herself at him, in rage that he dared touch her things. 

There was refusal to walk home from pre-school because she suddenly realised that she left her mermaid doll in the show and tell box for the whole of the bank holiday weekend. 

I can't even talk about the ten-minute long shriek that followed me taking her out of the bath and putting her in to her pyjamas. 

AND, after this moment, I shall never speak of bedtime again... it was bad!

But, three-nager or not (let's hope my girl was just having an off day huh?), when my little beauty wakes up in the morning, I will still love her, kiss her good morning and stroke her soft cheeks while feeling like the luckiest person on this planet. Because I am. She will have my heart, my positivity, my understanding and my patience, as if today never happened.

And if, if tomorrow she still feels like being three and mad about it... I will love her, love her more (if at all possible) until she finds her smile again. Because that is what I do and it is obviously when she will need it most!

Please don't mistake this photo as one that I have sneaked in to her room to steal tonight. I am not that brave. I'm well aware of that creaky floor board and how light this little one sleeps. There is just no way, I would risk waking her. Not on this day! I like my sanity in tact and that is not something I am not willing to risk lightly x

How have you coped with your threenagers? Any tips?

Huge Love & Patience
x Maria x

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